Throw a Movie-Themed Party

Is there a special birthday or anniversary coming up that requires an extra-special party? Are you straining your brain to think of a fun theme that you haven’t used before? Then consider throwing a movie-themed party with the decorations, foods, costumes and games to match. Your guests will have a great time, and so will you.

Choose a Focus

First, choose a focus for your party. You might select a particular film, a genre or even an actor. If you’re thinking about the latter, you could throw a great party around the popular Emma Roberts. This star of the big and small screens made her acting debut in 2001 in the movie Blow. Since then, she has starred in everything from horror flicks to comedies and has played a central roles in several popular television shows. Her works offer enough variety to make your themed party extra fun.

Plan the Details

When you’ve selected your focus, you can zoom in on planning the details. Think in terms of invitations, decorations, menu, games and costumes. All of these can revolve around your chosen focus. If you’ve decided on Emma Roberts, for instance, you might choose one of her movies, like Aquamarine or Nancy Drew, or combine elements from several.

You could decorate with an undersea theme or a mystery motif (or a bit of both) and send out invitations to match. Encourage your guests to come dressed like characters in the films, and plan your menu with an eye toward fun, easy-to-eat foods. Decorate cupcakes or cookies to match your invitations, for instance. Don’t forget games either. An Emma Roberts trivia contest might be the perfect thing.

Get Some Help

If all of this feels rather overwhelming, get some help from a friend or two. Planning a party is usually more fun as a group, and you can spread the work out among yourselves to lighten the load. Ask someone to be in charge of decorations and another person to take over the menu. Then you can focus on invitations and games.


On the day of the party, gather a crew to help you set up. Remember that you don’t have to do everything yourself. Give clear instructions, and then delegate tasks so that you aren’t completely frazzled by the time the party starts.

Enjoy Yourself

With everything planned, set up and in place, there will be nothing left for you to do but greet your guests and enjoy yourself. Your movie-themed party is bound to be a hit, and your guests will be thrilled with your creativity and with all the fun.

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